Monday, 11 March 2013

About ME

I am ANUDEEP REDDY.P usually called Anudeep.
My relatives and people who knew me from childhood call me Ramana, that's my pet name.

I am born and brought up in a town called Suryapet which is in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh INDIA

My parents

Mom Sowmithri
Dad Vikram reddy

They are well educated and are working as teachers in the in and around schools from 25+ years.

My family

I have a younger brother Saideep 5 years younger than me. We love each other a lot.
I was brought up by by my Grand mother mom's mother with the support of my parents. I love her a lot.

I did my schooling in two schools
JRR grammar school 2nd standard to 8th standard
Anjali school of excellence 9th and 10th

Intermediate in MPC at BJC known as Bhavitha Junior College in Suryapet

Then engineering in Information Technology at Samskruthi college of engineering and technology Gkatkesar while i stayed in Hyderabad in many places which are 25 km from my college.

I forgot to mention i am not very good at education, i have just passed in all standards in-spite of lot of answering abilities in the class room only because i hate writing a lot.

I hate writing

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