Tuesday, 26 August 2014


People don't understand when i say something like no plastic, save water, biodiversity, pollution, sustainability, no foreign culture, no foreign products & Foods, no GMO foods and many more things like global warming etc.

I wish to specify most of them are educated and are best ones among my friends.

I'll not restrict usage of plastic i just say use it again and again simply reuse plastic, don't bin it right after you empty it, instead there comes a day when each and every government asks citizens to safe it and give back for proper recycling. so use it and then re use it don't throw it in dust bins.

water is an essential part of all life on this earth, our daily lives too, try to save it rains are bringing lesser water every year, forests are giving lesser rains every year, we are giving nothing to nature and more pollution, destruction every second and more destruction, pollution and deforestation is done as i write this and you read this.Save water save our planet.

Biodiversity many creatures in all ecosystems all over the planet lived in balance and co existed till man arrived and started to kill and extinct many of them and still doing it, one animal/species missed is a catastrophic imbalance in that ecology so keep the endangered animals safe and not put any more on the line. if care is not taken now our children can only see many animals in books and museums.

Pollution, it starts with daily usage of chemicals in morning till ending a day with wastage of something or other putting in a dustbin. Pollution not only means mixing bad in good, it also means mis usage of good which ultimately becomes bad later, so be careful what you waste you might not get again to use the same way or at all. Starting with water, soap, shampoo, and all chemicals we use daily keep the usage checked and don't pollute water, take care of your vehicles so they don't waste much fuel and give less emissions, drive slowly save fuel, buy smaller vehicles according to use don't waste natural resources just because you are rich enough to buy all of it.educate your parents maids and all uneducated around regarding all kinds of pollution. soil is getting more polluted than anything in this world pesticides, fertilizers, all kinds of chemicals and plastic. please educate farmers and join ngos as volunteers for as long/short as possible and contribute something.

Sustainability, when sustainability is achieved earth is the safest place to live no more exports/imports unless it can't be made available at that place naturally. nature loves you back with all of its benefits, it is all about building small worlds with everything within itself so that the balance is maintained and prosperity is achieved all over in the nature. every continent, every country, every state, every city, every place, every home should become a small self sustainable place with independence and growth it contributes to the growth at all levels.

Foreign culture, foreign goods and foreign foods are a biggest concern in India which leads to drop in currency and making the country unstable and weak day by day. So please buy local goods and contribute to countries growth. Most important thing in avoiding foreign goods and sustainability is to increase usage of local markets thus giving maximum profits to the deserved than to the corporates who rob the producers and consumers at different stages as the entire market chain is in their hold. so don't buy regular agri and daily products in supermarkets buy at a local farmer or a small vendor who can make use of that money and support the sustainability chain. when you start this you will be a proud contributor of the nature for your next generations.

GMO foods came into play not because of demand of production but to produce surplus amounts at a single place under one corporate hands and reap profit out of it with maximum quantity sale/distribution advantage, they cause different diseases and affects health, avoid GMO foods force governments to stop its import and production inside.

Understanding Global warming is simple you are on a small piece of land  which can be under water within a short course of time if the earth is left to heat up at the same pace as it is now, take action, reduce pollution, reduce ozone damaging agents carbon dioxide and monoxides, and many chloro floro carbons.

For its a sincere suggestion start reading books doesn't matter where reat at your convenience and learn about what is going on this earth, how many generations can survive after the damage we have done.

Incline yourself and your younger generations towards real things games, activities, things, travel....technology ruined an entire generation time to leave virtual things and go real.

Ask anything about everything i;ll be more than happy to answer.

Monday, 24 February 2014


What ever we call it it is a helping hand that we need to achieve what we aim for.

A consultancy is meant to be an agent just like a catalyst in chemical reaction.

I work for a CONSULTANCY that is the reason i want to make people understand what a consultancy means.

A consultancy is an agent it fastens process
A consultancy is a helping hand that helps you rise.
A consultancy is a bridge that provides a means.

The consultancy that i work for is a study abroad consultancy sometimes called overseas education consultancy.
It basically deals with Admissions, Visa guidance.

Services provided are unlimited based on the case.

As i know what we do completely i can say simply we start with profile study , suggest the right country for the ultimate destination, depending on the student's requirement we sort out what is most suitable and best for him/her.

Our services start with explanation about options, give coaching/training for tests needed such as GRE IELTS GMAT TOEFL PTE SAT etc etc...

Then we book slots for exams at appropriate/suitable dates, prepare them for any kind of situations they are going to face.

Then meanwhile preparation and arrangement of documents take place with full guidance wherever necessary, then choosing right course university and place etc...

Next application to universities for admission, which we will do and get back with confirmations or rejects, mean while if rejects are more we suggest to apply for more, then comes the tough part choosing the right university for visa and gathering funds.

Finally applying for visa, attending interview, for which we prepare a case study and make it easy for the candidate to face and conduct mock interviews also.

This is described keeping USA inmind, different countries need different guidance and we are ready for everything.

Study in USA
Study in Australia
Study in Newzealand
Study in UK
Study in Germany
Study in Ireland
Study in canada

For any doubts or clarifications you may contact me or www.confluenceedu.com

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All the best for all study abroad aspirants, do return to India to take care of your parents and serve & invest in India.

Anudeep Reddy P
Study abroad counselor/advisor
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Rest of India contact me on +91 9703965837

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sometimes i feel to write something

                                                                -BECAUSE IT IS OUR DAY
Anudeep Reddy
Anudeep Reddy

An Engineer:

All we know or think about Engineering is just the Graduation in Engineering-that is not the Engineering the way we engineer the world and ourselves is the engineering.

There are different types of engineers in the world, The CIVIL Engineers are the wonderful because they made this world which we live in, without whom we would not have seen the Seven Wonders of the World. And many spectacular monuments all over the world which range from paintings on a small grain, the smallest and tiniest to the largest biggest and greatest things built on the earth. 


From just a piece of paper showing the plan to do something we engineers achieve wonders that are believed as impossible. As an engineer I say nothing is impossible unless we try our best, the average engineer who is working in the things like these are the real engineers who show the world the wonderful possibilities of engineering, proving that it is not just graduating from a top universities with utmost credits and highest package placements.
I feel happy as an Engineer-HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY

Thought of an Engineer: 


It should be like an inspiring bullet into the tech minds which is invincible. Being a the best engineer does not satisfy the existence of an engineer, an engineer must be a good human being, supporting surviving and engineering the world to be sustainable and inhabitable for our future generations of engineers.
I feel proud as an Engineer- HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY

Yes! We are engineers:

We engineer everything and we live on the face of the earth to engineer its stability


Every human being who is capable of building, demolishing, creating or adapting is an engineer. Because there are people who are working researching on “How to build something”, “How to demolish a building without any harm to anyone or anything”, “How to create spectacular wonders in the world” , “How to adapt to situations that nature puts in our way”.

The people who do wonderful things in the world and in the lives of people are all engineers. Not only Civil or Mechanical or Automobile or IT or Electrical…….We all are engineers. Born to be an engineer and surviving as an engineer we all must engineer the world. Doesn’t matter what we are it only matters who we are……………….we are ENGINEERS!!!
I feel great as an Engineer- HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY

Engineers change lives of people:

Engineers in every field have their role to play in changing people’s lives –Lives of scientists in space to a farmer in every village.

Every engineer changes lives of people

            Here!                  To                      Here!

An engineer is born out of curiosity to know things that are already done by previous engineers but emerges as an engineer only when understands the essence of the things that are called wonders.

An engineer really changes the lives of people from scientists who hang their lives to a tiny thread called belief in engineers who built the space shuttle, the lives of farmers in deep valleys and steep mountains who have learnt to engineer the land themselves in order to cultivate. Everything in the present world consists engineering.

It feels responsible as an Engineer- HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY

Anudeep Reddy P

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I am transferred to Bangalore office

When i came to Bangalore i felt lonely till the evening and Gnaneshwar my best friend came and i felt relieved and got ready for the next day office.

One of the best photos of mine.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

What are my Favorites

I love watching T.V

Nat geo
Travel and living
English movies
Jokes and funny shows in any channel

I love Automobiles

I watch Discovery turbo to enjoy watch them
I go on long rides with my bike-Suzuki GS150R
I test ride new bikes and test drive Latest cars
Browse on the internet for them

I love nature

I enjoy all the beauty in nature
Go on different routes when i get a chance of enjoying it

What i hate the MOST

My taste of everything has no reason it is just based on feelings.

I usually don't hate anything or anyone unless and until i get hurt or get disgusted.

What i do these days

I work for a consultancy Confluence Educational Services Pvt Ltd which is an abroad education consultancy, provides services like training for courses needed to get into abroad education, guiding study abroad aspirants in reaching their goal of studying abroad.

My job is to speak.
Speak to the students who approach us and give guidance to help them in achieving admission in a educational institution and get visa to that country.

I usually get up early in the morning most of the time and get ready to office in formals and call students encouraging them to take a step ahead in the process which is already started.

Then comes my work checking mail send reply, receive calls and speak to them, i do what ever my boss assigns to me.

I also look after our promotion and well being of our confluence......work on SEO for our site manage website and Facebook pages.